Educational Coordinator and Liaison

Integrated Care Concepts and Consultation, LLC | Eatontown, NJ

Posted Date 5/14/2021
Expiration Date6/13/2021

Integrated Care Concepts and Consultation, LLC

Where the Art of Being Well Meets the Science of Wellbeing

Integrated Care Concepts and Consultation is a dynamic behavioral health practice that uses innovative treatment concepts to provide integrated care solutions for individuals, families, professionals, agencies, and communities.

Integrated Care Concepts and Consultation embraces the total body healing modalities found in both Western and Eastern philosophies. We believe that healing oneself is a partnership with one’s mind through traditional psychotherapy and with one’s body. Our team of therapists are trained, certified and experienced in the most sensitive fields of care that affect us as individuals, couples, families, children, teenagers and adults.


The Integrated Adolescence Program is a new offering that innovates the mental health treatment of teenagers (14-18) and their families who are experiencing anxiety, depression, or who are recovering from trauma. The program provides two levels of care depending on the need of the adolescent and their family; Intensive Out- Patient (IOP) or Partial Hospitalization Programing (PHP). IOP will offer 3 days per week for at least 3 hours per day of support for up to 12 weeks, while the PHP will offer 5 days for 5 hours a day of wellness recovery involvement for up to 16 weeks.

Educational Coordinator and Liaison


  • Certified teacher in NJ
  • Experience/comfort in mental health
  • Willingness to collaborate and coordinate academics with guidance counselors for all PHP clients
  • Experience with case management

Job Responsibilities

  • Supervise daily educational program for PHP clients
    • Account for client attendance
    • Account for completed work
  • Coordinate and collaborate with guidance counselors and school personnel on the behalf of current PHP clients
    • Obtain academic work to be completed by clients while in PHP
    • Support students in completing assignments and providing academic support as needed
    • Supervise teacher staff in assisting all PHP clients
    • Ensure completed assignments are organized, submitted, and accounted for by appropriate school personnel
    • Consistent communication with school personnel about client performance and needs
  • Assist clients in transitioning from PHP back to school with guidance counselors and appropriate school personnel
    • Facilitate re-entry meetings with clients, families, and schools
    • Provide insight into possible need for accommodations based on mental health status (with support from IA clinicians) and academic performance while in PHP
  • Quality assurance of the Integrated Adolescence academic component of IA
    • Knowledge of New Jersey’s education standards and graduation requirements
    • Ensuring Medical Leave releases are provided to schools to demonstrate involvement in PHP
    • Knowledge of IEPs/504 plans and assurance that plans are followed in both PHP setting and with transition back to school

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