High School Social Worker

University Academy Charter High School | Jersey City, NJ

Posted Date 6/08/2022
Expiration Date8/26/2022

UACHS seeks a full-time school Social Worker with the following qualifications:

  1. Valid N.J. Educational Services Certificate and School Social Worker Endorsement
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of laws and regulations governing special education
  3. Effective problem-solving, human relations and communication skills
  4. Successful experience working with families and community health and social services agencies (desired)
  5. Criminal history background check and proof of U.S. citizenship or legal resident alien status


To help students resolve such personal, emotional, and social problems as interfere with their adjustment to school and their capacity to enjoy the fullest benefits of the education offered them.


  1. Participates in the evaluation, classification and placement of all pupils with special needs.
  2. Provides case management services.
  3. Assesses a student in terms of personal and family history, social-economic and cultural differences.
  4. Evaluates the configuration of factors within the home, community and school as related to a student's current social and academic adjustment.
  5. Develops and maintains appropriate written reports and records.
  6. Participates on multi disciplinary teams to facilitate an understanding of the educational abilities and limitations of the children referred for service.
  7. Plans home visits or office interviews with family members to assess past and present history and development as well as family dynamics and interactions that are relevant to the child's adjustment.
  8. Maintains an ongoing relationship with families for the purpose of- sharing information regarding educational planning and programming for the student; assisting the family in utilizing appropriate community resources; and assisting the family and/or students to facilitate social adjustment.
  9. Initiates, facilitates and maintains liaison with community agencies and other resources to meet special needs. Refers parents and child to agencies when appropriate.
  10. Consults with administration and staff regarding social adjustment factors of students in schools, at home and in the community.
  11. May counsel groups of students and/or parents regarding social adjustment problems.
  12. Maintains appropriate case records and acts as case manager for designated students.
  13. Assists in upholding and enforcing department rules, administrative regulations and board policy.
  14. Strives to maintain and improve professional competence and to keep abreast of latest professional practices/methods.
  15. Assists in coordinating, developing, monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of Individualized Education Plans.
  16. Observes pupils in classrooms and/or playground, as appropriate.
  17. Interviews pupils, as indicated.
  18. Act as homeless liaison for children placed in temporary facilities in the community.
  19. Attends and participates in meetings as deemed necessary and consistent with the needs of the district.
  20. Performs all duties required as a member of the child study team by administrative code, state and federal laws, and board policy.
  21. Assumes other related duties/assignments during the assigned working day, as the administration deems necessary.
  22. Participates in District-wide communities.

Benefits: NJ Teacher Pension Annuity Fund, Vision, Dental, Prescription, & Health Benefits, as well as AFT membership. Limited tuition remission available for masters-level graduate courses at New Jersey City University.

Please send resume, cover letter, and proof of NJDOE certification status.


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