Technician - Information Technology

Salem County Vocational & Special Services Schools | Woodstown, NJ

Posted Date 9/20/2022
Expiration Date10/20/2022



TITLE: Technician – Information Technology Center (12 months) 


QUALIFICATIONS:  General knowledge in the use, application and maintenance of computer, telecommunications and video equipment.  Ability to troubleshoot and assist staff in maximizing the use of this equipment for the purpose of enhancing instruction and/or carrying out administrative functions.  The minimum qualifications include a high school diploma, proficiency in the use of a various platforms, knowledge of network systems and the ability to communicate technical data in an understandable and non-threatening manner.


  1. Facilitation of the Learning Laboratory.
  2. Troubleshoot computer, telecommunications and video equipment problems as directed, throughout the District.
  3. Provide District technical support as needed.
  4. Assist staff in the utilization of technology for the purpose of enhancing instruction and/or carrying out administrative responsibilities.
  5. Assist the Information Technology Center Supervisor in meeting his/her responsibilities.
  6. Disburse and distribute software and equipment from the Information Technology Center.
  7. Maintain an inventory of software, equipment, videos, laser disks and other media for the District.
  8. Maintain the Information Technology Center in-print material.
  9. Assist in providing technology for the development and implementation of grants and grant activities.
  10. Work as a team player to enable the Information Technology Center staff to successfully support and enhance the state of technology in the district.
  11. Facilitate the effective use of the Synergy video distribution system.

Perform those other duties as assigned by the Information Technology Center Supervisor, and/or the building Principal.

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Salary31455.00 Annual
Type of Job (K-12 or Higher Ed.)

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