Early Child Development Sports Trainers

Building Blocks Lacrosse | Florham Park, NJ

Posted Date 2/02/2021
Expiration Date3/04/2021

Building Blocks Lacrosse is a private sports education organization that provides lacrosse training classes, travel teams, and leagues - year-round for players in the K-12th grades.  We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of lacrosse education and our teams are ranked amongst the top programs nationally. 

Building Blocks Lacrosse Prodigy Sports is seeking qualified early child development sports trainers. Applicants must have a requisite background in either Early Child Development and/or physical education.  Must have "Kindergarten Teacher Patience" to coach and train young athletes.  Prodigy Sports is a unique new form of sports training for the youngest athletes as they begin to enter the sports world.  We find that most sports companies provide a form of "babysitting" as their introduction to sports and that there is a tremendous opportunity in providing best in class developmental training to give young players an early head start as they begin to participate in sports.  Targeted motor skill and cognitive development training can lead to players being ahead of the game with their hand-eye coordination, movement abilities, and sports IQs.  With a proper foundation in place, young athletes will find skill acquisition for any sport easier because of their enhanced abilities from prodigy sports. In addition to Prodigy Sports motor skill development exercises, players will be exposed to a variety of sports between handball, pitching a ball with each hand, soccer, and racquet/stick sports such as tennis, lacrosse, and street hockey. 

Candidates Qualifications:

Background in Early Child Development and/or Physical Education

Experience working with young children


Hourly rate ranges from $25-$50/hour for coaches.  

There are between 5-20 hours of work available weekly



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