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Posted Date 6/19/2019
Expiration Date7/19/2019

District School Nurse


QUALIFICATIONS: A certified school nurse/teacher shall be employed by the Salem County Board for Vocational Education, he/she shall be licensed by the New Jersey Board of Nursing and shall hold a New Jersey School Nurse Certificate, possess and maintain current CPR/AED certification and accredited training in airway management and in the use of nebulizers.  Such a person shall also satisfactorily meet all pre-employment conditions. All school district health and medical arts department teaching personnel must hold a valid New Jersey teaching certificate in the subject or subjects for which he/she is assigned to teach. He/she may also be required to hold a registered nursing certificate valid in the State of New Jersey.  When the latter is required, he/she may also be required to serve as a non-certified school nurse. Such a person shall also satisfactorily meet all pre-employment conditions.


JOB GOALS: The district’s certified school nurse shall be responsible to supervise and carry out all responsibilities as defined for a certified school nurse in Title 18A and in N.J.A.C. Title 6, as well as those duties assigned in the Board of Education policy, regulation and any other duties as may be assigned by the superintendent of schools or his/her designee and the building principal for the building in the complex where housed.  These responsibilities shall be district wide and shall include minimally responsibility for student and staff physicals, all state reports relating to health and health care services, communication with the district’s medical inspector and to implement district safety and health programs.


All non-certified school nurses shall be responsible to carry out those duties permitted under Title 18A, N.J.A.C. Title 6, those duties specified in Board of Education policy and regulation, as well as those duties assigned within the scope of the job description by the district superintendent or his/her designee and the building principal where housed.


The certified school district and non-certified school nurse(s) shall serve as health/safety service specialists, assist students and staff in maintaining optimum health and promote health/safety habits with staff and students.  Dependent upon certification, he/she may be assigned classroom teaching responsibilities within the scope of his/her certification(s) and perform duties of the school district certified nurse when appropriately certified.


REPORTS TO:  Designated Supervisor


PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES: In the following areas, the Nurse/Teacher shall have the general and specific duties listed:


  1. Maintain all student and staff health records.*
  2. Arrange for and coordinate student and staff physicals as required by statute, administrative code and/or Board of Education policy and regulation.*


  1. Obtain annual district and building level medical protocols from the school district medical inspector and verify and share such information with the immediate supervisor, the superintendent of schools or his/her designee.*
  2. Carry out all school health service protocols as assigned annually by the school district medical inspector.*
  3. Administer medications and/or provide oversight for the same as permitted by statute, code and Board of Education policy and regulation.*
  4. Determine in consultation with the building principal when a student should be sent home due to health and/or medical reasons.  Under no circumstances is a student to be sent home unless a parent, guardian or responsible party has first been contacted and the student properly signed out through the building principal.*
  5. Arrange for emergency medical services such as an ambulance when in his/her opinion such services are required.*
  6. Assesses the physical well-being of the pupil(s) in terms of present health status.*
  7. Coordinates the health referral process and communicates health findings to appropriate person(s) and/or agencies.*
  8. Provides health counseling for pupil, parents and health appraisal system.
  9. Maintains a comprehensive health history and health appraisal system for all district students.*
  10. Provides direct health care services to pupils and staff.*
  11. Participates with the Child Study Team to provide early identification of pupils with handicaps, in interpreting significant finds of health history, physical assessments and reports of medical consultants.*
  12. Consults with staff regarding modification or change in the educational environment necessitated by pupils’ health status.*
  13. Participates in the health education program by providing health instruction and in-service education to staff and students.*
  14. Initiates, facilitates and maintains a liaison between the school and the community health agencies.*
  15. Disseminates information on health careers upon request.
  16. Assumes responsibility for understanding the objectives, scope and sequence of the health and safety program.*
  17. Enforces and upholds all school rules and safety regulations and administrative Board policies.
  18. Prepares an annual district health budget in accordance with established guidelines.*
  19. Remains abreast of current developments, trends and contemporary interpretations of subject matter content in the field of health education.*
  20. Works with the counselors/coordinators/supervisors/principals and other appropriate staff to counsel students regarding health issues.*
  21. Attends staff meetings and serves on staff committees as requested.
  22. Assist with extra curricular activities when requested to coordinate and/or supervise student health and safety activities.*


  1. Assists with the health and safety aspect of Annual Cup of Excellence Competition, Career and Technical Education Week and Open House activities.*
  2. Assists with the establishment and operation of health and safety advisory committees.
  3. Maintains professional standards of appropriate appearance as mandated by job responsibilities in concert with administrative and current practice, appropriate appearance shall be consistent with role model expectations as defined in regulation R5-10 and as applied for health and medical arts department students in regulation R4-3.1B.  This shall normally mean a white registered nurse uniform unless otherwise approved by the Superintendent.*
  4. Coordinates District and/or Building Safety Committee when so designated.*
  5. Prepares and delivers lectures on specific topics as requested by the Career and Technical High School principal for Health and Medical Arts Programs and serves as a substitute for these programs as needed.*
  6. Coordinates all District Health and Safety activities for district students.*
  7. The teacher/non-certified school nurse shall be responsible to coordinate the development of clinical experiences for students in Health and Medical Arts programs when so designated.
  8. All teacher/nursing personnel shall be responsible to act as a liaison at appropriate health care facilities and to supervise clinical activities as scheduled.
  9. All Health and Medical Arts teaching and/or teaching nursing personnel assigned to teach classes for which clinical experience is an integral part of the curriculum must acquire a New Jersey School Bus Driver’s License.
  10. All school nurse/teacher(s) shall be required, if requested by the Principal and/or Superintendent, to acquire a New Jersey School bus driver’s license.*
  11. Performs those other duties as may be assigned by the Principal and/or the Superintendent of Schools.


INTERACTION: The school nurse must maintain an open line of communication with administrative, supervisory, certificated support and teaching staff.  He/she must also be able to establish a positive working relationship and rapport with students. The district school nurse, in addition, must maintain a liaison with nurses when assigned to other buildings and county health care agencies.  Further, the district nurse must maintain and foster an open line of communication with all building Principals.


EVALUATION: Performance shall be evaluated by the immediate Supervisor (Principal) under the direct supervision of the Superintendent of Schools.  This evaluation shall be done in accordance with Board of Education policy and regulation and shall include minimally a written mid-year assessment and a written end-of-the-year evaluation.  Input for the evaluation will be based on day-to-day supervision, observation and those other indicators deemed relevant by the Supervisor to assess and evaluate performance.


(This job description serves as a supplement to Board Policy P5-3 “Responsibilities of Teachers”, and Regulation R5-3.  This same job description, excluding coordination responsibilities shall apply to all other school nursing/teaching personnel.  The terms nurse/teacher and teacher/nurse are used interchangeably).


These duties specifically apply to the district certified school nurse and when assigned by the Board of Education to non-certified school nurse(s).

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