Head Wrestling Coach - Stipend Position

Cranbury Township School District | Cranbury, NJ


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Posted Date 9/21/2022
Expiration Date10/14/2022
All candidates must have or be eligible for appropriate NJ State Certification (any coach not employed as  a teacher by the Cranbury Board of Education must be approved as a substitute teacher by the Cranbury Board of Education). 
  • Current New Jersey Substitute Teacher Certification, Certified Physical Education Teacher or Certified Teacher with expertise in the specific sport is preferred. 

  • All candidates must be interviewed by the District Athletics Coordinator and/or Chief School Administrator/Principal.

  • All candidates must demonstrate knowledge or coaching potential related to the sport in question. 



Chief School Administrator or Assistant Principal



Non-tenured position, Athletic coach stipend, as per the Collective Bargaining Agreement.



Demonstrate the ability to motivate the team and individual athletes. Cooperate with maintenance staff, transportation staff, and others who are included in supporting the athletics program. Communicate regularly with athletes and their families. 



  • Uses sound and acceptable coaching techniques in all phases of the program. 

  • Wait with students until every athlete has been picked up by a parent when practices and games are completed. 

  • Communications with parents of athletes (either written or verbal) should be shared with the Athletic Coordinator. 

  • Check eligibility of players academically (report card) and physically (nurse). Do not allow a player to begin practice until the nurse indicates the physical is complete.

  • Secure permission to participate from a parent/guardian, as well as medical release information so that the player may be treated at a hospital in an emergency.  Take these forms to away games.

  • Submit a signed voucher to the Athletic Coordinator immediately after each game.

  • Distribute and collect uniforms.  Collect payment for unreturned uniforms. PLEASE NOTE: Coaching stipend will be granted only after the Athletic Coordinator has certified that all equipment and uniforms have been returned. 

  • Inventory uniforms at the end of each season and report condition of uniforms and needs to the Athletic Coordinator. 

  • Responsible for equipment used by the team at all practices and games.  Inventory equipment at the end of the season and report needs to the Athletic Coordinator. 

  • Adhere to the District Practice Schedule - all practices must be conducted. 

  • Develops and adheres to an efficient and technically sound conditioning and injury prevention program. 

  • Maintain a high standard of professional ethics encompassing the players in his/her charge, the Cranbury School in which he/she represents, and other coaches and officials. 

  • The Head Athletic Coach must model good sportsmanship and enforces sportsmanlike behavior among the athletes at all times.  

  • Teach athletes about the importance of teamwork and good sportsmanship. 

  • Provide a safe game and practice environment.  

  • Communicate all injuries incurred during practices/games with the School Nurse and Athletic Coordinator within 24 hours. 

  • Have a first-aid kit at all games and practices. Replenish all supplies as needed. 

  • Must carry athlete Epi-Pens and inhalers to all practices and games as prescribed by the School Nurse. 

  • Educate athletes on the District Code of Conduct and establish team expectations at the outset of the season. 

  • Accompany team to all home and away games. This includes riding the bus with the team to all away games. 

  • Be sensitive to the academic needs of the athletes.  Cooperate with the after-school homework program when necessary.

  • Must participate in State Mandated CPR, Concussion training and First Aid training and renew as needed. 

  • Provide the Athletic Coordinator with photos and team accomplishments that will be published on the District Facebook Athletics Page and/or District Web page. 

  • Other tasks associated with the sport that may be assigned by the Athletic Coordinator and/or Chief School Administrator.


All head coaches will be asked to complete a self-reflection at the conclusion of the season.



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