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Posted Date 4/26/2021
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                                                                                                File Code:  2.110


1.      Current license as a registered professional nurse in New Jersey.

2.      Certification as a school nurse or working toward this certification in accordance with state law and regulation.

3.      A Bachelor's Degree based upon a four-year curriculum in an accredited college.

4.      Successful completion of an approved college curriculum (by the N.J. State Department of Education) or approved program of college studies.

5.      Successful student teaching experience.

6.      Minimum of three years successful experience as a nurse or school nurse (preferred).

7.      Organization, communications and human relations skills.

8.      Successfully completes required criminal history check and has proof of U.S. citizenship or legal resident alien status.

9.      Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate.

REPORTS TO:     Principal

JOB GOAL:           To support the instructional program by creating a climate of health and well-being in the district schools and by addressing the health needs of the school consistent with the goals set forth by the Board of Education and within the resources provided by the Board.


A.     Assessment

         1.      Maintains a complete, up-to-date health record system using available technology.


         2.      Plans and conducts screenings, examinations and health appraisals in accordance with state law and district policy.


         3.      Monitors newly enrolled students in order to ensure that state law and

                  district policy are implemented concerning health issues (i.e., immunization, medical records).


B.     Consultation

         1.      Advises and counsels students, staff and parents, as appropriate, concerning health issues.

         2.      Makes referrals to school resources and/or community agencies as necessary.

         3.      Serves as consultant and resource person in health instruction and curriculum planning.

         4.      Facilitates the implementation of homebound instruction.

         5.      Provides input to the administration concerning the implementation of state law and the development of district policies and procedures related to health issues.

C.     Emergency Care

         1.      Provides first aid as needed.

         2.      Assists emergency care givers as applicable.

         3.      Maintains appropriate records as required.

D.     Child Study Team

         1.      Refers students with suspected disabilities to district specialists/Pupil

                  Assistance Committee (PAC).

         2.      Facilitates health appraisals for pupils referred to the Child Study Team.

         3.      Participates in Child Study Team deliberations when applicable.

E.     School Environment

         1.      Makes recommendations to the principal regarding health and safety to promote a safe, healthy and comfortable learning environment.

         2.      Administers medication in accordance with state law and district policy.

F.      Professional Development

         1.      Maintains professional competence by doing professional reading and attending appropriate workshops, courses and conferences in keeping with the needs of the student body and in accordance with district guidelines.

         2.      Assists in providing training for district staff concerning health-related issues.


G.     School/Community Relations

         1.      Communicates with parents/guardians as needed concerning their child's health.

         2.      Cooperates and shares professionally with members of the district staff.

         3.      Keeps staff informed about relevant health issues.

         4.      Communicates with various health-related organizations in the community and surrounding areas as needed for students and staff.

H.     Other Responsibilities:


         Performs such other tasks and assumes such other responsibilities as may be assigned by the principal.


         Ten-month year.  Salary to be in accordance with the negotiated Agreement between the Holmdel Township Board of Education and the Holmdel Township Education Association for professional staff.


         Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with the provisions of the Board's policy on Evaluation of Professional Staff.

SOURCE: Regular Board Meeting

DATE:            December 14, 1994



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