Food Service Support Paraprofessional (Aide)-Cumberland

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Posted Date 7/06/2022
Expiration Date8/22/2022

Food Service Support Paraprofessional (Aide)-Cumberland Campus


QUALIFICATIONS:  All Food Service Support Paraprofessional shall possess an earned high school diploma or equivalency.  Persons applying for Food Service Support positions must be of good moral character and shall meet the health qualifications required of the Board of Education.  For Food Service Support Paraprofessionals this shall include a blood test (all of which is at the applicant’s expense). All applicants must also complete the necessary fingerprint and possible criminal background requirements in accordance with New Jersey statutes annotated and Board of Education policy.


REPORTS TO:  Reports to and is supervised by the district food service director.


JOB GOALS:  Food Service Persons are responsible for the courteous, efficient serving of lunch to students and staff of the district.


PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES:  In the following areas the Food Support Service Person shall have the general and specific duties listed:

  1. Provide assistance in the preparation, packaging and organization of food for student and staff lunches and for special functions.
  2. Collection of funds and the accurate record keeping of paid, free and reduced meals.
  3. Maintaining an accurate inventory of all food and paper products.
  4. Clean up and sanitation of food service equipment
  5. Availability to work special evening functions as requested.
  6. Maintaining a clean uniform and pair of shoes which must be white in color.


TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Follows the negotiated contract.


EVALUATION:  Performance shall be evaluated by the immediate Supervisor and/or the Superintendent of Schools.  The evaluation shall be done in accordance with Board of Education policy and regulation and shall include minimally a written mid-year assessment and a written end-of-the-year evaluation.  Input for the evaluation will be based on day-to-day supervision, observation and those other indicators deemed relevant by the Supervisor to assess and evaluate performance.


(This job description specifies minimal requirements of the job and is not intended to limit the job responsibilities or duties).

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Salary10.07 Hour

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