Physical Therapist-Full Time

Salem County Vocational & Special Services Schools | Woodstown, NJ

Posted Date 6/21/2021
Expiration Date8/21/2021

TITLE:  School Certified Physical Therapist (Full Time)

QUALIFICATIONS: Physical therapy services are provided by a professional holding a bachelor’s or master’s degree in physical therapy from an accredited school. The therapist should be licensed with the State of New Jersey as a Registered Physical Therapist and possess School Physical Therapy certifications.

  1. A Registered Physical Therapist (RPT) is:
    1. A graduate of an accredited school of physical therapy, and currently licensed by the State of New Jersey as a Registered Physical Therapist
  2. A Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) is:
    1. A graduate of a two-year physical therapy assistant program
    2. Licensed by the State of New Jersey
    3. Must work under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist
  1. Required Criminal History background check and proof of U.S. citizenship or legal alien status

REPORTS TO: Designated Supervisor

JOB GOALS: To promote the education of handicapped students by:

  1. Providing screening, evaluation, intervention and consultative services
  2. Providing information to and establishing relationships with, educational personnel and community agencies regarding total program planning for the handicapped student



  1. Identification and Planning
    1. Receives and records initial referral information and requests
    2. Observes referred students as appropriate
    3. Obtains additional or supplementary information from appropriate persons, available records and/or agencies
    4. Conducts screening and/or evaluations using formal and informal tests
    5. Documents, analyzes and interprets data
    6. Makes recommendations for intervention and refers to other services as appropriate
    7. Plans intervention goals and activities for individual students and/or groups
    8. Coordinates information and services with school personnel and community agencies
  2. Service Delivery
    1. Provides direct and indirect physical therapy intervention for individual students and groups
    2. Instructs, supervises and monitors home and school personnel in the therapeutic management
    3. Consults with home and school personnel regarding needs of individual students
    4. Consults with outside agencies and non-school personnel regarding needs of individual students
    5. Maintains and documents intervention procedures and results, using forms, records and reports
  3. Program Administration and Management
    1. Organizes and implements a physical therapy program which addresses educational goals and policies
    2. Manages quality physical therapy services
      1. Establishes long-range physical therapy program goals
      2. Evaluates and effectiveness of the physical therapy program and makes necessary modifications
      3. Manages time efficiently
      4. Maintains inventories of equipment, materials and supplies
      5. Assists in the employment of interpersonal and interdisciplinary relationships
      6. Promotes effective interpersonal and interdisciplinary relationships
    3. Establishes and maintains appropriate record keeping and reporting system
      1. Develops necessary forms
      2. Keeps data for program planning, decision-making and program expansion
      3. Maintains current administrative files and records
      4. Safeguards confidentiality of student records
    4. Participates in total program planning as central administrative team member
  4. Education
    1. Provides ongoing information for administrative personnel regarding physical/motor disabilities, physical therapy services and implications for student placement
    2. Provides information on an informal in-service education for all levels of educational and support personnel
    3. Provides information on an informal and formal basis to parents and non-school personnel regarding physical therapy and educational services
  5. Professional Growth and Ethics
    1. Participates in professional growth activities and continuing education opportunities
    2. Integrates current professional knowledge and skills into physical therapy program
    3. Adheres to ethical stands of the physical therapy profession
    4. Supports efforts to accomplish the goals and objectives of local education agency
    5. Adheres to established rules, regulations and laws
  6. Other responsibilities as assigned by the Superintendent

Terms of Employment: 

 Ten-month year.  Salary and work year to be according to current contract.


 Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Board’s policy on Evaluation of Professional Personnel.



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