Business Administrator (10+ years School District experience/NJDOE certification)

Lakewood Board of Education | Lakewood, NJ


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Posted Date 11/13/2023
Expiration Date12/23/2023

Lakewood Public Schools seek an individual with strong business skills to provide managerial oversight of a Public School District with approximately 5,000 students.  

  • NJ certification as School Business Administrator, or eligible for same
  • A minimum of three (3) years administrative experience in a public school system
  • Strong leadership and communication skills
  • Such alternatives as the superintendent may find appropriate and acceptable 
REPORTS TO: Superintendent of Schools

JOB GOAL: The School Business Administrator is the member of the administrative staff who bears the prime responsibility for all non-instructional services, and administers the business affairs of the district in such a way as to provide the best educational services within the scope of the financial resources available.


       The School Business Administrator will:
  • Plan and prepare the annual school district budget, and prepare long range plans in terms of community resources and needs.
  • See that the purchasing of all materials, equipment and services is done in accordance with law and school district policy.
  • Attend and participate in all meetings of the board of education, and act as the administration's representative to the following board committees: Food Service, Transportation, Buildings and Grounds, and Finance.
  • Work with other administrators, architects, attorneys, and financial advisors in the planning of construction, contracting, and in acquiring suitable financing.
  • Coordinate all non-instructional services, and supervise personnel and/or outside contractors in the areas of transportation, plant operation and maintenance, food service, purchasing/warehousing, insurance, budget control, investments, and the fiscal aspects of federal/ state projects.
  • Provide for programs of in service training to improve the skills of school business management personnel.
  • Supervise the accounting system necessary to provide the Superintendent of Schools and the Board of Education with accurate financial reports in all areas.
  • Adhere to the policies and procedures adopted by the board of education, administrative directives, and state and federal regulations which are appropriate to the position.
  • Demonstrate competence in his/her administrative role, and share in the responsibilities which contribute to the depth and scope of the total school program.
  • Keep account of the school district's financial transactions, including a current detailed account of all expenditures.
  • Give the board a detailed report of its financial transactions at the close of each fiscal year, and file a copy with the appropriate office of the Department of Education.
  • Work with other administrators and professional staff, and assist in the negotiation of employee contracts with input as to policy and procedures affecting same.
  • Direct, and establish the necessary procedural policies for, the business operation of the district in conjunction with other school administrators.
  • Assist, in cooperation with the Superintendent of Schools, in the development of all contracts and grants which obligate the board.
  • Be responsible for all other duties that may be assigned by the Superintendent of Schools.


Twelve month contract. Salary for the successful candidate will be negotiated and determined based upon proven experience and qualifications. Minimum Salary starts at $170,000


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