Paraprofessional/Teacher's Aide

Saint Leo the Great School | Lincroft, NJ

Posted Date 3/15/2019
Expiration Date4/14/2019


Saint Leo the Great School is seeking a full-time Elementary Paraprofessional position for the 2019-2020 school year.



  • Previous experience in a child centered environment
  • Excellent references



The major function of the paraprofessional is to assist, support, and work closely with teachers and administrators in providing educational benefits for students in a supportive and positive climate within a Catholic School setting by:

  • Working with students in small group activities or with individualized attention where needed.
  • Reinforcing the instruction the teacher provides to students.
  • Preparing learning materials which includes educational bulletin boards.
  • Assisting with group activities.
  • Establishing and maintaining consistent routines.
  • Assisting with specific areas of concentration such as being responsible for the classroom library.
  • Supervising students outside the classroom (lunchrooms, libraries, playgrounds, ALL special classes, etc.).
  • Operating and utilizing special equipment and software such as CD players, iPads, Interactive White Boards, etc.
  • Performing clerical work such as filing student records, taking attendance, making copies of instructional work.
  • Supervising curriculum-based testing and make up work as assigned by the classroom teacher.
  • Working with small groups for remediation.
  • Participating in in-service programs as needed.
  • Attending faculty/staff meetings as assigned by the administration.
  • Substituting for the classroom teacher in his/her absence.
  • Assisting with classroom management and implementing behavioral programs developed by the teacher.
  • Following the directives of the classroom teacher in providing activities that engage children in learning experiences.
  • Understanding the distinction in the roles and responsibilities of the teacher and the paraprofessional. A paraprofessional works with a teacher in partnership in the best interest of the students.
  • Performing housekeeping tasks such as tidying up, disinfecting desktops, cleaning up art projects, etc.
  • Maintaining a supportive learning environment for students.
  • Relating well to others through written and oral communication.
  • Working collaboratively with teachers, staff and administration.
  • Performing other duties as assigned by the administration and its representatives.
  • Modeling Christian behavior and demonstrating the morals and values contained in the Gospels.


  • Stand for most of the day.
  • Sit with and lean over students, as well as bend, crouch, stoop, kneel and crawl in an effort to assist individuals.
  • Balance and walk around the classroom.
  • Reach out and above with hands and arms; up to chalkboard, interactive white board and bulletin board height.
  • Climb stairs to various rooms (cafeteria, library, gym, etc.).
  • Climb and stand on a short ladder.
  • Push or pull carts with educational equipment.
  • Manipulate educational tools (scissors, hole-punchers, tactile materials etc.).
  • Verbalize, listen and hear.

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