School Librarian (Educational Media Specialist)

Willingboro School District | Willingboro, NJ


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Posted Date 5/10/2022
Expiration Date7/29/2022

Anticipated Vacancy for the 2022-2023 School Year


The enrichment of the school curriculum, improvement of reading skills, development of literary appreciations, and the development of skills in the use of library materials.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Minimum of a Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university
  • Requires New Jersey Certificate as School Library Media Specialist, School Educational Media Specialist or School Librarian OR  holds N.J. Certificate as Associate School Library Media Specialist. 
  • Will be required to pass a criminal history background check, physical and show proof of U.S. citizenship or legal resident alien status. (CURRENT EMPLOYEES EXEMPT)

Location:   James A. Cotten IntermediateSchool

To accomplish these principles and function, the librarian/media specialist:
  1. Works with teachers to increase effective use of library materials in their classrooms and in the total curriculum.
  2. Adjusts library practices to the curriculum and the prevailing district philosophy.
  3. Exercises leadership in the development of policy regarding selection and use of library materials.
  4. Carries on an effective program of school library publicity within the school, to parents and to the community (e.g. book displays, bulletin boards, special book lists for teachers and parents, exhibits, PTA and PTO program, in-service.
  5. Shows a genuine interest in and sympathetic understanding for children.
  6. Possesses a broad knowledge of children's books, periodicals and other library materials.
  7. Organizes a system for the storage, distribution and return of building AV materials, supplies and equipment.
  8. Encourages interest in reading through such media as bulletin boards, reading games, poetry and story hours and summer reading projects.
  9. Instructs children in the use of basic library skills and materials.
  10. Handles technical work of library organization and management.
  11. Selects both print and non-print materials for the school library/media center.
  12. Expedites the rules and regulations of the school, the district, and the State of New Jersey in regards to prescribed conduct for teachers, students, and other members of the school community.
  13. Is responsible for the general condition of those physical areas under the direct jurisdiction of the librarian.
  14. Is accountable, according to building procedures, for all those materials and supplies which are provided for librarian use to carry on the academic program.
  15. Maintains a professional attitude in all professional relationships concerning school affairs, school regulations, school administration, as well as students and parents of the school community.
  16. Furthers the cause of good human relations and human understanding by responding positively to the district programs aimed at improving these areas.
  17. Is responsive to the student in his/her developmental process by being available, willing, and understanding when dealing with the problems of the individual, where feasible.
  18. Carries out explicitly the administrative directives of the school and the district in all matters pertaining to the school program.
  19. Actively contributes to the planning and development of the discipline area and total curriculum by working cooperatively with the departmental team within the school.
  20. Actively engages in continual professional growth by participation in workshops, conferences, and in-service programs provided by the district that fall within the accepted practices of the negotiated contract.
  21. Develops positive behavioral characteristics that lead to the highest form of human behavior -- control of self and sensitivity toward others.
  22. Avoids sarcasm or reflecting negativity regarding the student, his/her family, or social background.
  23. Teach and/or facilitate classes involving media studies, media resources, and research.
  24. Carries out all additional duties and directives that are requested by the principal, or chief administrator of the building which fall within the scope of staff responsibility, except if prohibited by the contract.
Salary:       W.E.A. Contract Salary Guide

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