Middle School Math Teacher

BelovED Community & Empowerment Academy Charter Schools | Jersey City, NJ


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Posted Date 1/07/2022
Expiration Date4/06/2022

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Job Description 


We have a full-time position for an ELA/Writing Teacher at Empowerment Academy (BelovED's sister school.) This teacher will primarily teach writing, with some supplemental ELA support at the Middle School Level.


Be Part of Our Growing High-Performance Schools

Each school has achieved a high level of academic success without burning out our teachers by meshing an effective education program with effective teacher supports and professional development...

And we are growing: we add additional grade levels and hire additional teachers each year.

If you want to work in a highly successful charter school that supports its teachers, serving a student mix that is among the most diverse in America while enjoying the cultural vibrancy of Jersey City, Hoboken and New York City (just 2 miles away), then apply today online at www.empacad.org/careers. You may also email your resume and certification directly to the Coordinator of Hiring at cgigl@empacad.org


Required Certifications

Candidates who want to teach in any New Jersey traditional or charter public school MUST hold New Jersey Department of Education certification (a CE, CEAS or Standard certificate).



Candidates MUST hold the New Jersey Department of Education certification necessary to teach Math at the middle school level: which is a "Math" CE, CEAS or Standard certificate, or an “Elementary” certificate with a Middle School Math endorsement.


Teacher Responsibilities

Values, Expectations, and Commitment - Teachers must commit themselves to the School’s values and mission. Moreover, appreciating the example of excellent schools which succeed at helping all students achieve at a high level, teachers must hold high expectations for each student and commit themselves to helping every student achieve their full potential.

Student Learning - Every teacher must accept ultimate responsibility for his or her students achieving learning progress that meets or exceeds the School's high standards and must actively develop solutions to problems, reaching out for peer and leader support, and taking advantage of other school resources, as necessary.


Teaching and Assessment - Teachers may make use of school-provided curricular materials, or they may design their own, but they must plan and deliver vibrant and engaging lessons – each with a measureable goal – within the framework of the School’s carefully sequenced, standards-aligned education program and they must administer school-provided formative assessments on a regular basis so instruction can be targeted to their students' needs.


Culture and Classroom Management - Teachers must communicate, and also model for their students, behaviors which befit the high expectations culture and the caring school climate to which we are committed. They must apply School and classroom rules consistently and effectively; make use of preventive discipline; and effectively supervise students both in their classroom and elsewhere on School grounds.


Teamwork, Professional Relations, and Professional Development - Teachers should see themselves as members of a team and should commit themselves to their own and to their peers’ on-going professional development. Teachers will be required to attend professional development sessions, to participate actively in planning meetings, and to become part of a professional learning community where they can lend assistance to, and gain assistance from, their grade-level peers.


Special Needs Students and English Language Learners - Teachers must work collaboratively with the school’s special education and ELL staff to implement the school’s special education and ELL programs and to comply with all state and federal regulations.

Flexibility- This particular role will require the candidate to work at two distinct schools with two separate leadership teams. We will create a schedule that makes this sustainable on the shared employee and will designate some days as “Beloved” days and some days as “Empowerment” days. This will enable you to be a full time employee, rather than part time, but working at 2 campuses. 


Teacher Supports

Teachers are part of a school-wide team that includes many different professionals and they receive career-long coaching and professional development support from their Academy Dean and Dean of Students, their Grade Level or Department Head, and our Coordinator of Special Education.


Teachers work closely with their grade level peers, with whom they engage within professional learning communities (PLCs) assisting one another to solve problems.

Additional teacher supports include:

  • A research-based curriculum and supporting curricular materials;
  • High-quality formative assessments, aligned with our curriculum, that will help you immediately identify when students in your class have not achieved mastery of a skill, concept, or knowledge item;
  • Full-time reading and math specialists who will be available to tutor students who are struggling to master an essential skill, and social workers who will be available to help students struggling with outside problems;
  • The staffing of our afterschool program by Academic Tutors, so we can limit the length of our teachers’ work-days;
  • Abundant planning periods that provide teachers an opportunity to prepare up-coming lessons during the school day.

As an equal opportunity employer, Empowerment Academy and Beloved hires without consideration to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, or disability.



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